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Firearm Services

Full Firearm Services Available! We hold both an 01 & 07 Federal Firearm License


Firearm Cerakote

We are able to offer Cerakote coating services for all of your firearm components! Cerakote offers superior corrosion resistance, exceptional durability, high-temperature stability, low coefficient of friction, and great chemical resistance. There are also a ton of colors, patterns, and styles available to choose from!

Firearm Transfers

Wether you're looking to purchase a firearm in CT or out-of-state, we can help! We also offer full shipping services if you're interested in selling a firearm out-of-state.. Transfer fee starts at just $40 for a basic person to person transfer. 


Firearm Consignment

If you're looking to sell a firearm, we can assist! We have an established network of cliental and can help with brokering a deal for you. The fee for this service varies. Send us a message for more info!

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